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Byron Godoy Flores​  - HEAD CHEF


Byron was born and raised in Antigua Guatemala in and around the food industry.  Food is a pillar in the community, the home and the religion within Guatemala is a sacred practice. 

The amount of respect for food make Guatemala's cuisine and the preparation it is very intentional.  Utilizing his first education of home cooking, Byron learned to use every part of every product.  He continues that practice as a professional making delicacies of what most people would over look.

Highlighting Latin America, Byron pays tribute not just to his native Guatemalan & Mayan roots, but many Central & South American countries in their traditional and often ancient cooking methods & techniques.

Byron's sincerest joy is when you are 'disfrutando la comida' - enjoying the food!  


Mary Carroll Godoy​ - GENERAL MANAGER


Mary Carroll reigns from New Jersey, just outside of NYC.  After teaching in Paterson, NJ for 10 years, she traded up her chalk for an apron upon moving to Inishmore with Byron.  It didn't take much for her to adapt to wearing a GM hat as she very much enjoyed the new role. 

Continuing as General Manager in Sangria, Mary Carroll will be sure to give you not just a dining experience to remember, but hopefully share the passion she and Byron have for Latin cuisine! 


We are blessed and fortunate to have so much talent & experience within our team.  The youth and creativity of the kitchen shines through the presentation, flavors & freshness of their food.  The guys & gal in the kitchen reign from Guatemala, El Salvador, Italy, Brazil, Spain & United States.


Our front of house, with their warmth and sense of style will give you that professional yet relaxed party feel!  Overall, our greatest wish is to make you feel like you're on vacation when you step through our doors, not just at another restaurant!  The gals & guys up front represent Brazil, Ireland, France, Argentina & United States

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