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At Sangria, we host a variety of wines from small family owned vineyards across 5 continents.  Each is individually chosen to specifically complement our Tapas menu.

Our Sangria name comes from our homemade recipe that

we've evolved over the better part of 10 years.

Smooth, deep, sweet & tangy, just the right amount of each and not too much of any to make it a full bodied well rounded wine cocktail.  Unlike other sangrias, we don't use carbonation or sodas to fill the gaps because there are no gaps!

Sangria Menu

All of our sangria recipes are made in house.  We do not use carbonation, soda or artificial mixes.  Each of our sangria's are made with our homemade sugar syrups, fresh squeezed fruit & years of practice.  Here, Sangria has become 'adult'!


Crisp & deep, fresh citrus a touch of spice. The house always wins!


Macerated blackberries with a sweet twist

A port & red wine marinated in our spice blend.  Perfect hot or cold.



Sweet & light, our take on what a white wine cocktail should be!

Our play on a piña colada, pineapple soaked wine with a classic coconut punch

Ginger, orange & rosemary. Sweet & spiced

Wine Menu

SPARKLING                                                          Bottle   Carafe   Glass
                                                                              750ml   250ml   150ml
NV | San Simone Verde Prosecco Frizzante    29
Region: The Friuli Italy | Grape: Glera
From the classic Prosecco village of Valdobbiadene in Friuli in
North Eastern Italy. From a family winery that practices eco-friendly wine-making wherever possible
2017 | Olivares Rosado                                     25        9.9       5.9
Region: The Jumilla DOP Spain | Grape: Monastrell / Grenache Olivares’ wines are vinified using natural yeasts to “preserve the
grape’s natural character, and not mask it”. The vines at Olivares
are ungrafted – Jumilla was relatively unscathed by the Phylloxera,
making the average vine 55 years-old.
2017 | Bodegas Vina Canal                               25       9.9     5.9
Region: Cariñena DOP Spain | Grape: Macabeo, Chardonnay
Bodegas Esteban Martín combine modern production (including a
state-of-the-art cellar) with intimate knowledge of climate and soil
to create wine with a distinctive personality.

2017 | Emiliana Reserva                                    28.5    11      6.5
Region: The Bio Bio Valley Chile | Grape: Riesling
Bío Bío Valley is one of Chile’s more extreme wine-producing
regions, with cool climate – and the extended growing season which
is much better suited to the development of complex aromatics in
white wine.

2017 | Chateau Des Eyssards                           29       11      6.7
Region: The Bergerac Sec AOP France | Grape: Sauvignon Blanc/
A wonderful fresh aromatic Sauvignon, given perfect body and
weight by the addition of some Semillon. This would leave most
Chilean and New Zealand Sauvignon trailing in its wake.

2017 | San Simone                                             30       12.5   7.5
Region: The Delle Venezia Italy DOC |Grape: Pinot Grigio
‘Progetto Verde’, or Green Project initiative extends to all areas of
this vinyard, including the architecturally sensitive design of the
winery, water conservation, recycling, and renewable energy. Low
Sulphur wine.

2016 | Domaine de Nancelle                            36       14.5   8.5
Region: Mâcon Villages AOC France | Grape: Chardonnay
Minimal interference, environmentally sustainable techniques &
use of natural yeast in the winemaking process letting the beautiful
and dramatic terrains of this part of Burgundy come shining
through in the wine.
                                                                           Bottle   Carafe   Glass
                                                                           750ml   250ml   150ml
2017 | Señorio de Ayud                                     25       9.9     5.9
Region: Calatayud DO Spain | Grape: Garnacha
Juan and Cesar are the 5th generation of winemakers and are one of
only three independent growers in a region dominated by bulk-wine

2017 | Preignes Le Vieux                                   28.5    11      6.7
Region: South France | Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Bruno and Jerome Vic these two tall brothers have mastered the low
lying hinterland of coastal Languedoc. Gentle extraction and night-
time harvest are fundamental to the freshness of their wines.

2017 | Bardolino Zenato                                   30       12.5    7.5
Region: Veneto Italy | Grape: Corvina
Corvina is the main grape of the two Northern Italian wine regions of
Valpolicella and Bardolino. Corvina wines have tart, red cherry fruit
flavours and sometimes a hint of chocolate.

2017 | Maison Plantevin | Organic                  30       12.5   7.5
Region: Côtes du Rhône France | Grape: Grenache |Syrah |Cinsault
Fruity bouquet. Exotic chocolatey rich style and full-bodied with firm
tannins and a cocoa finish.

2017 |Croix Des Vents                                        30      12.5    7.5
Region : PAYS D’OC France | Grape: Merlot
The aromatics are dominated by scents of plum and blackcurrant. At
first, the palate is full of dark fruits before finishing quite dry with
fine tannins and warming spice.

2017 | Gouguenheim                                         32       12.9   7.7
Region: Mendoza Argentina Grape: Malbec
It is one of the highest wineries in the Mendoza wine region and
Patricio’s vines thrive on the melt water flowing down the mountains.
2014 |Vinasperi Crianza                                    34       13.5   8
Region: Rioja Spain DO | Grape: Tempranillo
Carlos San Pedro works with his wife and two sons in the ancient
village of Laguardia in Northern Rioja. As a former headmaster
and history teacher in the local school he has a deep respect for the
winemaking culture of his region and the importance of tradition.
2016 |Paper Road                                               36     13.9     8.5
Region: Wairarapa New Zealand | Grape: Pinot Noir
Situated on the shady side of the Rimutaka range, it’s hard to believe
that this tranquil yet verdant land is just one hour’s drive over the
mountains from the windswept and rainy Kiwi capital.
2016 | Crasto | Eco Friendly                             36       13.9   8.5
Region: Douro DOC | Grape: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca
The quinta (Portuguese for ‘vineyard’) has been in the Roquette family for over a century and the ancient history of the site is signified in the name Crasto, coming from the latin castrum, a Roman fort or castle.

2016 | “Sincero” | Biodynamic                         39       14      9
Region: Toscana Rosso Italy | Grape: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon
Violet and rose aromas spring from the glass of ‘Sincero’, followed
by luscious ripe cherries, fresh acidity and mild tannins. Beautiful
biodynamic Super Tuscan!